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Firefly Walkers. We let the Walkin do the Talkin.

Firefly Walkers. We let the Walkin do the Talkin.

Firefly Walkers
are very proud of
"Black Jax Merry Chance"

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Pa's Profile,
and a mighty fine one 
it is at that!

On Pa's fifth line back you will find Last Chance appear
FIVE times!!!     Allan F-1- appears TWICE!! 
  Gertrude F-84,  Nell Dement F-3Wilson's Allen, Midnight Sun appears twice,
 and Merry Go Boy.

*Pedigree form supplied by Bansidhe Graphics

COTTONWOOD CROSSING Tennessee Walking Horse Ranch
Breeders of light shod and spotted TWH's
Joe and Kathy Guido
3350 W. Columbia Road
Meridian, Idaho 83642
(208) 895-8700; Cell (208) 353-5085

Cottonwood Crossing Tennessee Walking Horse Farm breeds exclusively for the Lite Shod Natural Walking Horse. Through careful genetic selection of mares and stallions, they have created a powerful genetic gene pool, which has produced a natural loose running walk without training requirement. See how much money you will save on training costs by selecting a Cottonwood Crossing Walking Horse. Below are the stallions we cross with our broodmares. We could write volumes on the genetics of our mares, especially since we believe the dominance of the maternal side (65 -75%) is much more dominant than the paternal side (25 -35%). Stallions with "in vogue" sires sell breeding fees, however they are worthless if the maternal side is not only of the quality one would want today, has a strong production history, but will reproduce her desirable traits in future generations. Not fully understanding this complicated issue is a common problem. This is why today, the true running walk is as elusive as ever. At Cottonwood Crossing the true running walk is a normal occurrence coupled with very mild temperament and beauty. Visit Cottonwood Crossing soon to select your next horse, future breeding stock, or to make your next breeding selection.

Pa's Sire:


Duplicator is a son of Merry Boy F-88, with Merry Boy his Grandsire, Roan Allan F-38 his 3rd Paternal Sire, and Allan F-1 by Allandorf his 4th Paternal sire. Duplicatorís Lineage of his Maternal Dam, begins with his 5th dam Warmbrodís Grey Nell a daughter of Bramlett F-9, bred to Giovanniís Son, Giovanniís Allen, produced his 4th dam Grey Lady Nell. Duplicatorís 3rd Maternal Dam Little Nell Wilson, bred to Sure Shot, a son of Last Chance produced his 2nd dam Baby Betty. His 2nd dam, when bred to Sunís Delight Dís son, Hancock Suns Delite produced Duplicators Maternal Dam, Delight Miss Hancock. The common thread, when tracing Duplicators maternal half, is that all of the horses had the high long, slender sloping neck, with the style and finish breeders seek. Duplicator is one of only a few Stallions left in the TWH Registry that has Allan F-1 as his 4th Paternal Sire, which means he will produce offspring with Foundation horses on his foalís pedigree.

Duplicator is a Beautiful Black Stallion who crosses extremely well with any bloodline. His breeding is both rare and exceptional, a true 100% foundation breeding Stallion. Duplicator is airy, athletic and gifted with a lot of natural walk. He is equally proven in the show ring, and as a prolific sire, three generations deep. He has continued to breed foals that are very elegant, with a great finish, style and flair to them. In addition to noticing that he sires beautiful foals mare owners keep returning their mares to Duplicator who sires very smart and willing to learn offspring. He has foals in every region of the country helping mare owners produce show horses, trail horses and valuable genetics in breeding stock. The Cottonwood Crossing stallion: CHANCES LAST RAIDER - TWHBEA No. 903989 is a half brother to Pa's dam: Chance's Sky's R Blue JSO. If you compare Raider's papers to that of Pa's dam, you will see that Raider and Blue have the same sire and they share the line of Midnight Mike R.G. as well.

Raider is a big powerful Blue Roan stallion with silver mane and tail. Raider is short coupled, long necked, with deep heart girth and long deep-sloped shoulder. He has a stretchy animated natural way of going, very loose, with the old time shaking out of the shoulder. His way of going has been seen many times via his 16:1H full brother Rocket, a Blood Bay. Raiderís sire, Gay Boy Chance came direct from A.M. Dement Farms in Normandy, Tennessee. Gay Boy was an incredible example of capturing genetics. Mr. Dement was intent on preserving the bloodlines of Last Chance, who in his opinion was the closest he ever came to recreating Nell Dement F-3. When Nell Dement F-3 was bred to Allan F-1, Merry Legs F-4 was produced who was the maternal dam of Last Chance. Gay Boy was 88% pure Last Chance, the 3rd place sires on all four lines of his pedigree was Last Chance, with Gay Boyís 3rd maternal dam by Little Molly Dement out of Peavineís Attraction, by Molly Simmons, both ASR (American Standard Registry) registered horses, as was Allan F-1. Raiders dam, Midnight Merry Jetís 3rd maternal dam Lady Brooks II who began a string of several thousand great horses, was bred to Merry Go Boy to produce Midnight Merry Jetís 2nd dam Go Boyís Duchess, and Sunís Ace of Spades. Sunís Ace of Spades sired the 1970 WGC SLF Aceís Sensation and Queen of Spades. Raider offers the very best of the Last Chance Genetics, up close and extremely concentrated. All of Raiderís offspring travel just like him and his brother Rocket, shaking the entire long neck, pushing and striding with speed like they are in a hurry to get home for supper. Raiderís blood crosses very well with any bloodline.


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"Natural cover only". $400, $50 non-refundable booking fee.  Natural Cover only, Mare care cost:  $5.00 dry; $7.00/day wet.  For our stallion's protection-mares must be in good physical condition, barefoot and up to date on vaccinations (including West Nile) and worming, negative Coggins (within a year) and negative culture required.
Black Jax Merry Chance is double registered in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about BLACK JAX MERRY CHANCE you can contact 
us by EMAIL or send a letter to:

Firefly Walkers
Duane Sayler and Vicky McPherson

RR2 Box 138
Hatton, ND 58240

Firefly Walkers. We let the Walkin do the Talkin.



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