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Some History about "Pa"

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I think it is a breeders duty to know their bloodlines and to make educated decisions based on the information they aquire.  Only the very best representatives of the breed should be allowed to reproduce. As any breeder will tell you, there are no guarantee's in the breeding business but by breeding the best to the best, you can greatly improve the odds of getting a quality individual. 


Let's take a closer look at Pa's pedigree.  Pa's sire, Merry Boy Duplicator, was shown from 1985-1988.  He was shown three gaited open 26 times-winning all blues and was never beaten in the ring until 1988.  Duplicator was trained and shown by Harry Elston of Star, Idaho.  I spoke with Harry over the phone and he told me that Duplicator was "very intelligent and quick to learn".  At the age of 20, he is still a productive sire.  His foals have produced valuable breeding stock throughout the country.


Pa's dam, Chance's Sky's R Blue JSO, is of the infamous Last Chance line started by Mr. Albert Dement.  She is a 16H black with light roaning.  She was shown successfully after only being broke for five months.


A few facts about the other horses on Pa's papers:


Merry Boy's F-88 was one of the last horses trained by the late Winston Wiser.  He was also one of the last horses owned and ridden by the late Sam Paschal.  This great old stallion was foaled in 1954 at the farm of George Williams, Jackson TN.  The very first issue of Voice Magazine, March 1962, Sam Paschal's ad listed Merry Boy's F88 at stud.  Only eight other stallions were offered at stud in this issue.  At 12 years of age he was purchased by Ray and Wanda Corum of KY.  They stood this great stallion until his death at age 36.  Merry Boy F-88 lived to be the last closest link to Roan Allen F-38 and other great foundation horses.


Delight Miss Hancock was black, 15.1-15.2H.  She is described as a very pretty mare by Joe Guido of Idaho.  Mr. Ray Corum has this to say, "Delight Miss Hancock was a fine black mare owned by Kathy Little of Columbus, Indiana.  Kathy used this mare as a trail mare and bred her several times at our stable, but never kept any of the stallion foals."


Gay Boy Chance was a little horse, about 14.2H, sorrel, white legs and blaze.  Joe Quido bought him from the Dement farm.  Joe has quite a colorful story about the day that they picked Gay Boy up!


Marya of Mikalew S.G. was a liver bay, 16.1H.  She produced allot of really good horses for Joe Guido, Idaho.  She threw all colors.  Her and Gay Boy Chance produced allot of big horses which is interesting to note because Gay Boy was so small. 


Merry Boy was a black roan, blaze, two rear stockings, white on each knee and offpastern.  He was foaled in 1925 near Wartrace, TN.  He was destined to be one of the immortals of the TWH breed.  Albert Dement, the all time master breeder, selected Merry Legs F-4, the greatest WH broodmare the world ever knew, to be Merry Boy's dam.  The sire he chose was Roan Allen F-38.  This stallion today holds the distinction of being the greatest sire ever produced in the breed.  All registered WH's today trace to Roan Allen F-38 through Merry Boy or Wilson's Allen.  Merry Boy sired foals through his thirty-second year.  This splendid old horse that had produced a definite family within the breed died in 1958 at the age of 33. 


Blackley's May Allen was black, 15.2-16H.  She was purchased by Betty Sain, who at the same time purchased Black Dust Mr. from George Williams (Black Dust Mr. was also a son of Merry Boy).  Betty kept her as a brood mare al long as she lived.  Betty Sain was associated with many top horses in her day.  She was to win the WGC of 1966 with Shaker's Shocker.


Another Terrific was black/brown, 16H, near hind sock, off hind fetlock, strip on off nostril.  His disposition was wonderful.  He had a slim build but was very athletic and was one of the taller Merry Go Boy get.  Another Terrific was double bred-Merry Go Boy.  He was a heck of a show horse locally and was undefeated in 1989 championship classes.  Four time High Point Open Walking Horse in Utah in 1981, 1984, 1986 and 1988.  He was owned by Sid and Mary Baucom, Salt Lake City, UT.  He was trained by Harry Elston of Star, Idaho (Pa's sire's trainer).  He was shown by George Baucom.  His sire was Mr. Terrific, who himself was a terrific show horse.  Mr. Terrific was a bay (kind of a seal brown bay) 15.2-15.3H depending on how he was shod.


Mikate S.G.'s sire was Midnight Mike R.G. who is described as being a heck of a horse as well as show horse.  Midnight Mike R.G.'s sire was Midnight Pleasure, also a great horse and show horse.


Allan F-1 is very first Tennessee Walking Horse ever registered. He sired Roan Allen F-38 (out of Gertrude F-84) and Merry Legs F-4 (out of Nell Dement F-3). These two were bred together and produced Merry Boy. Merry Boy was a DOUBLE Allan F-1 grandson.

Merry Legs F-4 was also bred to Hunter's Allen F-10 (sired by Allan F-1, out of Allis F-85) to produce Last Chance. Therefore, Last Chance and Merry Boy were half brothers (same dam-Merry Legs F-4).

"Merry Legs F-4, now regarded as the greatest dam in modern Tennessee Walking Horse history." This quote was taken from page 55 of Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse by Ben A. Green.

Imagine, if you will, a horse that carries the blood of Merry Boy AND Last Chance-up close. His name is:



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$400, $50 non-refundable booking fee.  Natural Cover only, Mare care cost:  $5.00 dry; $7.00/day wet.  For our stallion's protection-mares must be in good physical condition, barefoot and up to date on vaccinations (including West Nile) and worming, negative Coggins (within a year) and negative culture required.
Black Jax Merry Chance is double registered in the U.S. and Canada.

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