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Welcome to Misty's page

"Mist My Chance"

You be careful where 
you are pointing that thing!

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Misty's sire
"Last Chance for Gold"

Last Chance for Gold participating in an 
organized carriage ride over in the 
Netherlands with his new owner.

I can't take this much longer !

Misty's Grandsire- Tennessee Goldust

Tennessee Goldust

A sunday afternoon stroll.

*Pedigree form supplied by Bansidhe Graphics

That is a big horse!

Chance's Goldust H.

Mist My Chance

 Her sire is Last Chance for Gold (deep palomino). He now stands 
in the Netherlands!

There are many palomino's in her background. On Misty's papers on her sires side are Tennessee Golddust (pictured above), Chances Cream Chance, Chance's Gold Dust H, Radiant Golden Girl, Michigan Wild Honey, Golden Billy E., and Hal's Golden Comet, and Bud England.   It is said of the "Bud England" line that they are some of the best in the world.  If you went back one line farther (her sires fourth line back) you would find John A's Chance TWICE, Cream Chance (cremello) and Mary Rock Moonbeam. Misty's dams dam, was a palomino also, her name is Star's Golden Honey.

Misty's dam, Kayla Buster's Star, is a palomino/sabino. She also has WGC Merry Go Boy on her papers THREE times. Merry Go Boy is a son of Merry Boy. Also on her papers is Old Glory, who is himself a son of Merry Boy. Old Glory sired Old Glory's Big Man, the World Grand Champion of 1950. Kayla Buster's Star also has on her papers Go Boy's Shadow, sired by Merry Go Boy. Go Boy's Shadow was the World Grand Champion of 1955 & 1956. She also has on her papers Trouble's Society Gal, who traces to the stallion Trouble out of Last Chance. Another line to Merry Go Boy figures in her papers through the blood of Merry Go Boys Breeze, who appears on her papers as well.



   It is said of Merry Go Boy:  

"The small horse stepped and moved like a fairy in a moon-lit glen, barely seeming to touch the ground, light, smooth, fast, and graceful without apparent effort. His hock motion was like a hydraulic action, smooth and velvety in operation. His way of going seemed to give one an illusion that he could still be walking right down through the years. Those who had the opportunity to see MERRY GO BOY perform will not soon forget him."

Above quote taken from The Echo of Hoofbeats by Dr. Bob Womack.



Merry Go Boy

Go Boy's Shadow

nice pose eh.

Just strutting my stuff.

Old Glory

Even though Merry Go Boy, Go Boy's Shadow, and Old Glory do not show on Misty's papers as they do on her dams, their influence in her genetic makeup is obvious in every step she takes. With two palomino parents and the sabino gene, we are expecting a lot of color from this fine filly. Misty was born with a loose, long striding running walk and a super head nod. She's arrived home safe and sound, thanks to
Horse Heaven Transport Company.

The following is an excerpt from the article titled: 
Walk To A Different Rhythm, by Franne Brandon.

There's Gold Across the River!!

"Among the stallions to which Vance Paschall bred was a son of LAST CHANCE that drew national attention not only because of his breeding and show ring ability, but also because of his color. JOHN A'S CHANCE was a golden palomino whose color traced through this dam, GOLDUST MAID, by HALL ALLEN, to her dam, HENDRIXSON BONNIE, by ROAN ALLEN F-38, to a palomino mare named SIMMON'S MOLLIE II. Bred by John A. Hendrixson, also the breeder of MIDNIGHT SUN, JOHN A'S CHANCE was campaigned by veteran trainer Steve Hill during the period before show walkers became big-lick horses. After an initially successful career was cut short by an injury, JOHN A'S CHANCE left the show ring when Hendrixson retired the golden stallion to the stud barn. Over the remaining years of his life, this bearer of the LAST CHANCE and HALL ALLEN bloodlines established a line of palomino walkers that is still flourishing forty years later......

Vance Paschall bred a palomino mare, BESS'S GOLD LADY, to JOHN A'S CHANCE to obtain a pale cream stallion which he called CREAM CHANCE. In spite of the horses odd coloring, not popular at the time, Paschall bred and offered CREAM CHANCE at stud, and was rewarded by foal crops that were exclusively palomino, except for foals that arrived buckskin, or with the sire's color, known as cremello today.....

When John A. Hendrixson died in 1970, he had a palomino son of JOHN A'S CHANCE in training with Wink Groover. This two year old colt was out of a bay mare named BONNIE'S RED GLORY, a daughter of the beautiful breeding stallion PRIDE OF HALL ALLEN. The bay mare's dam was HENDRIXSON BONNIE, making this colt a double-bred descendant of that ROAN ALLEN F-38 mare. CHANCE'S GOLDUST H. did not have his chance in the show ring after the death of his breeder. Instead he was pulled out of training and was offered at stud as a palomino stallion of prominent lines.....

From 1986 on, CHANCE'S GOLDUST H. had a permanent home with an owner aware of his heritage, and determined to promote the big horse, and drew a court of foundation and show-bred mares in addition to the farm mares. His offspring left Middle Tennessee to homes all over the US and even in Germany. Many of those breeding to GOLDUST were so delighted with their palomino offspring that these have never been available for sale at any price."

John A's Chance

Sorry, can't talk now. Got places to go you know.

Misty is a joy to be around.  She has become the herd leader with Secret running a close second.  She has a very correct runningwalk and exhibits this consistently. 

I took her to a Ron Olson training clinic in Hunter, ND-the spring of 2001.  He was hard to convince that she had never been round penned or worn a saddle but she hadn't!  We spent 3 days of intense learning together.  She is easy to teach and remembers her lessons well.  It was her first time away from home and she came through with flying colors! 

Speaking of colors, she has started to dapple!  She is actually very roany and very lit up.  It can be hard to tell her true color in photo's because she has such a high shine to her coat that in the right light she looks almost white.  She has high socks (over the hocks) in back, belly spots, a wide blaze with white spots under her chin and a lot of roaning throughout her coat.  By her muzzle is where you can see the palomino really clearly-more so in the winter months and it is easier to see her color when she has had a bath. 


This is the Queen Bee! 

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